Accurate Assessment - Tree Surveying

Using the latest technology, Boswell and Company can accurately assess the health of your tree in order to advise on the most appropriate course of action. Resistographs are used to measure the mechanical properties of the wood and endoscopes give us a clear view of what is happening in cavities and fissures in your tree.

There are many reasons that a tree survey may be necessary:

Tree Preservation Orders

Trees are protected by law and carrying out work to a TPO protected tree without first carrying out a tree survey can result in a heavy fine.
Development and Synergistic Planting
Many commercial and private developers will need tree surveys to make sure that the landscaping of their development looks right, and that new planting is not going to cause problems with existing trees.
Neighbour Disputes
Trees very often mark or straddle property boundaries, and can be involved in disputes between neighbours over who is responsible for what. Boswell and Company can help resolve these disputes with an accurate tree survey.
Subsidence Sites
Cases where buildings have subsided can be very complex and be the result of a number of causes. A thorough survey of trees and hedges can help.
Hazard Evaluation
In cases of personal injury, the person owning the land upon which a dangerous tree stands is held liable for any damage it may cause.
Mortgage and Insurance
Existing trees can have a profound effect on the value and viability of a property or piece of land. To help make sure you avoid any unpleasant surprises later on, a thorough tree survey can point to problems that could prove costly.
About Tree Surveys
Tree surveys can save a lot of time, trouble and expense. In choosing a practitioner to carry out your survey, it is worth considering their experience, track record and the standards to which they work.
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